Mendaftarkan Merek Dagang itu Mudah

by - Saturday, June 15, 2013

 Honestly, imagine dealing with government institutions that comes to mind is the hassle, complexity and length of the bureaucracy that must be passed. However, 2 Weeks ago we did Trademark registration in DIRJEN IPR protection - Tangerang. Alhamdulillah, running quite smoothly and the process is easy.
We arrive at 10:00 am to bring the following requirements:
- Copy of ID Card Applicant (In this case my husband as the petitioner)
- Brand logo that will be registered as many as 24 pieces, with the size of Max. for ID cards
- 1 piece stamp
- Form Application for Registration of a brand that has been typed (Forms can be downloaded here )
All the files submitted to the registrar, and given money orders should be made in the counter BRI which is adjacent to the registration area.
After getting proof of payment so I returned to the officer to submit the copy of receipt created receipt Application for Registration of Marks.
The first stage of the process is finished, we wait for a response from the live DITJEN IPR whether our application can be accepted or rejected. The process is approximately 2 years.
However, in anticipation of disappointment rejected after waiting 2 years, Directorate General of IPR provide 2 pieces of computer equipment in which we as the applicant can "peek" about whether there was an application for the same brand or not. This facility is provided FREE. So applicant also been able to anticipate the steps that must dianbil if it turns out there who had previously signed up with the same brand.
Here I attach a Registration Application Process Flow Diagram Brand Protection on IPR DITJEN.

Flowchart Filing Brand
The price to be paid Fees are as follows:
A. Application for registration of trademark and registered trademark protection extension request

1.Permohonan registration of trademarks or service to a maximum of 3 kinds of goods / services per application per class Rp. 600.000,00

2.Tambahan application for registration of a trademark / service for more than 3 kinds of goods / services per application per class Rp 50.000,00

3.Permohonan trademark registration / collective services for three kinds of goods / services per application per class Rp 600.000,00

4.Tambahan trade pendaftaranmerek application / service for more than 3 kinds of goods / services per application per class Rp 50.000,00

5.Perpanjangan mark protection period:

1) SMEs per class USD 1,000,000.00

2) Non SMEs per class USD 2,000,000.00

6.Permohonan Extension of collective protection per class Rp 1.500.000,00
B. Filing an objection to the trademark application per application per class USD 500,000.00
C. Appeal Brand per application per class USD 2,000,000.00
D. Cost (Service) Certificate issuance Brand per certificate Rp. 100,000.00
E. Registration costs in the general list of brands:

1) Registration of change of name or address of the owner of the brand per application per number Rp. 300,000.00

2) Registration of transfer of rights / merging companies (merger) of the registered mark per application per number Rp. 500,000.00

3) Registration of the license agreement per application per number Rp. 500,000.00

4) Registration of a trademark registration deletion per application per number Rp. 150,000.00

5) Recording of changes in the collective brand usage rules per application per number Rp. 300,000.00

6) recording of the transfer of the right to collective marks registered per application per number Rp. 500,000.00

7) Recording elimination of collective trademark registration

Address Jendrak Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR DIRJEN): Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav 8- 9 Brass. Jakarta
per application per number Rp. 300,000.00

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6 komentar

  1. Berapa lama proses yang dibutuhkan untuk sampai keluar sertifikatnya? Apakah mendaftar sendiri tanpa melewati jasa konsultan bisa selesai cepat dan mudah juga?

  2. Saya mengurus sendiri pendaftarn merek 3x. Utk keluar sertifikat perlu 2 tahun krn menunggu adanya gugatan/ tidak ada dari orang yg memiliki logo sama atau mirip ( jk ada) .

    Untuk yg 2 logo saya sdh keluar sertifikatnya

  3. mba rinny yang ingin sya tanyakan.

    ..apakah pengurusannya kita harus datang ke jakarta? apakah setiap daerah tidak ada? semisal malang.. sehingga mempermudah dalam mengurusnya...?!!

  4. mba riny jadi datangnya ke daan mogot langsung atau ke kuningan?

  5. Sekarang harus ke Jl HR Rasuna Said Kuningan,Mbak.

    Saat tulisan ini dibuat masih ke Daan Mogot

  6. Saya daftar dari bulan september 2014 sampe sekarang belum ada kabarnya..mohon pencerahannya mba..makasi